How to Withdrawal from A-Ads to FaucetPay Account

If you are using A-Ads ad network to monetize your website which is one of the most popular & trusted crypto ad networks then when it comes to taking your earnings in your bank account you need to use a crypto exchange website or wallets like FaucetPay.

In this post, I will teach you how you can receive your a-ads payment into your faucetpay account.

So, let’s start.

a-ads to faucetpay

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Withdrawal Crypto From A-Ads to FaucetPay

  1. Login to your a-ads and faucetpay accounts.
  2. Now visit the Finances page in A-Ads and click on Withdrawal settings
    a-ads finances page

  3. Now select ‘To bitcoin address at’ in ‘Withdrawal type’ and Paste your Faucetpay bitcoin address in the ‘Withdrawal address’ section. Save the settings by taping on ‘Update withdrawal settings’.

  4. You can get your faucetpay bitcoin address from DEPOSIT section.

    faucetpay bitcoin address

  5. That’s how you can get your ads earnings to your faucetpay account.

Why Use FaucetPay to Receive Crypto Payment

LoveCrypto loves Faucetpay because…
  1. EASY Account Creation
  2. No Fees
  3. Support almost all popular cryptocurriencies
  4. You can transfer minuime crypto from a-ads to faucetpay.
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