Sell Dogecoin on Binance Send Money to Bank Account/UPI/Phonepe

I recently post that how you can buy doge crypto on Binance and if the price goes high then you want to sell them and make a profit.

So, in this post, I will guide you on how you can receive money by selling dogecoin in India.

How to sell DOGE on Binance


If you want to sell dogecoin on the Binance crypto exchange then you need to reverse the steps of how to buy dogecoin on Binance.
To sell DOGE in India you need to use the P2P Trading Method. Let’s see how to do that.
Note: You can sell DOGE on Binance if the value of them is a minimum of 10USDT.
  1. To receive payment in India by selling DOGE make sure you sell dogecoin in USDT pair.
  2. Go to the DOGE market section, tap on it & click on SELL.
    sell dogecoin on binance

  3. Put the amount of DOGECOIN you want to sell and tap on Sell DOGE.


  4. The value of your dogecoin will add to your Spot Wallet in USDT.
  5. Now You need to use P2P to convert USDT into Indian Reuppes and get them into Paytm or in Bank Account.
  6. Transfer USDT to P2P Binance Wallet.


  7. Now sell the USDT through P2P Trading.


  8. And DONE!

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